Gain the competitive edge with trusted pricing and specification data

With a focus on optimal residual value performance – and lower total cost of ownership – we’ll support your commercial strategy, so you can sell more cars, more profitably.

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Pricing & volume planning

Optimise your vehicle portfolio – from launch to post-sales – with expert support and data.

RV and TCO forecasting

Design vehicles for tomorrow’s customer with detailed vehicle specs and accurate forecasts.

Accessible data analysis

Unlock intricate raw data sourced across the European market – share in a transparent format.

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We combine robust data with in-house expertise to help you explore market opportunities and improve your strategic roadmaps. We’ll:  

  • Offer you access to trusted market outlooks, trends and expert opinions 
  • Help you understand competitor strategy to identify gaps  
  • Provide accurate forecasts to inform production planning  
  • Deliver in-depth cross-border data across multiple brands for comprehensive insights

Electric vehicle tracking data

Residual value INDEX


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Product development and volume planning

Project your vehicle’s market competency across its lifecycle:

  • Simulate how changes in price, specification and equipment will impact future residual values and total cost of ownership
  • Optimise volume and portfolio planning, as well as channel mix (retail, own captive, leasing, other B2B channels)
  • Assess the residual value potential of a vehicle, including recommendations for improvement
  • Benchmark residual value performance across vehicle class, brand and/or country

Car to market

Residual value INDEX

Residual value monitor

TCO data

Electric vehicle tracking data

B2B sales and remarketing

Access data to benchmark TCO positioning and make the most attractive offer to your customers:

  • Simulate pricing, specification and discounting scenarios to optimise your TCO position in comparison with core rivals
  • Benchmark your models’ TCO performance against the competition and demonstrate your TCO advantage to sell more cars

TCO data

I have quickly found Glass’s to be an integral part of my company’s day to day running. If ever I have experienced any problems, their technicians have been on hand to offer advice and support. I would recommend to anyone in the motor trade.

Daniel Murray, Murray Assessors

Why manufacturers and importers trust our data

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Our data is reliably sourced, independent of any auto-sector stakeholders, and covers 99% of vehicles at a market-leading level of detail and accuracy.

Discover what else makes Autovista the right choice for manufacturers and importers.

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End-to-end support

Our customers rely on us to help them make the right investment decisions that drive up sales and maximise profits.

  • See comparisons of total cost of ownership across 11 markets – improve your performance in tenders
  • Embed our data in your in-house systems to help decision making (specification, residual values, forecasts and TCO raw data)
  • Measure your dealer network’s state of health and performance
  • Compare your vehicles across countries using our pan-European data
  • Foster closer relationships with everyone in your supply chain – and with end customers
  • Use our best-in-class international residual value tracking solutions to stay on top of all trends and identify attractive financial and leasing offers for your vehicles

Our Solutions


Class-leading vehicle specification data for vehicles. Updated regularly.


Class-leading residual values for passenger cars, LCVs and motorbikes.

Data Feeds & APIs

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.

Car Cost Expert

Make total cost of ownership competitive and compelling for customers.

Car to Market

A class-leading consultancy focused on the design, build and launch of vehicles.

Residual Value Intelligence

Identify used car market trends, maximise revenues and protect profit margins.

Residual Value Monitor

Monitor, analyse and benchmark stock performance nationally and across Europe.


Purchase, monitor and sell on vehicles more competitively using trusted, vetted data.

EV Volumes

Specialist electric vehicle volume and forecast data you can trust.