Discover opportunities for profitable vehicle remarketing

Our data helps you determine optimal channels for selling your stock at the best price.

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Pricing & benchmarking

Stay accurate and competitive with instant access to exact vehicle specifications, market prices and selling times.

Vehicle damage assessment

Avoid overspending on assets with pre and post-accident damage calculations that cover parts, paint and labour prices.

Efficiency tools

Accelerate your processes using our handy all-in-one hub for identifying, valuing and advertising your used-car stock.

vehicle stock management system

Pricing and benchmarking

  • Quickly identify the exact specification for any vehicle, including optional extras – using just a VIN or VRM – for a fair market representation
  • Accurately price a used vehicle – considering local competition, average days to sell and desirability – to make competitive offers
  • Benchmark used-vehicle prices against local rivals to gain the competitive edge
  • Review the attractiveness of your offers daily, with metrics such as stock days versus premium prices

manage your vehicle stock

Vehicle damage assessment

  • Easily assess vehicle damage and remain transparent with your customers for increased trust
  • OEM-sourced parts prices available at a click
  • Interactive graphic display to help visualise vehicle parts

run a successful car dealership

Efficiency tools

  • Publish used-car ads directly to recognised portals for greater workflow efficiency
  • All-in-one identification, specification and valuation for increased productivity – you don’t have to switch from one platform to another
  • User-friendly interface removing the complications of complex software
  • Accuracy of data is driven through advanced machine learning, high quality inputs and in-house expertise

Sales Solution models

Data and API

Why remarketing professionals trust our data

With market-leading in-house expertise and high-quality data inputs, you can trust our reliable data to help you make independent remarketing decisions that benefit your business.

Discover what else makes Autovista the right choice for remarketing professionals.

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average days to sell vehicles

Stay informed

You can count on us to know where, when and how to maximise your investment in vehicle stock.

Plus, since we update our data feeds daily, your finger remains firmly on the pulse of consumer trends.


vehicle risk management

Remove confusion

Our market-trusted identification, specification, valuation and forecast data and insight help you assess models, derivatives and much more, all in one place.

What affects LCV and car residual values?

assess vehicle repair costs

Reboot remarketing strategies

We can help you to:

  • Identify the best routes to remarketing success based on facts, not gut instinct
  • Establish a non-negotiable benchmark against which you can measure your own remarketing performance
  • Make smarter decisions based on average time to sell, national price averages, and more
  • Pin down the best channels and locations for selling your stock at the best price
  • Discover opportunities for profitable cross-border vehicle remarketing in Europe

Our Solutions


Class-leading residual values for passenger cars, LCVs and motorbikes.


Class-leading vehicle specification data for vehicles. Updated regularly.

Data Feeds & APIs

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.


Access all our class-leading services from a single easy-to-use online platform.


Improve profitability, mitigate risk, and minimise loss with unrivalled residual value forecasting.

Car Cost Expert

Make total cost of ownership competitive and compelling for customers.


Purchase, monitor and sell on vehicles more competitively using trusted, vetted data.

Residual Value Intelligence

Identify used car market trends, maximise revenues and protect profit margins.

Market Value Assessor

Identify and value vehicles accurately and quickly using industry-best trade valuations.

EV Volumes

Specialist electric vehicle volume and forecast data you can trust.