Does your automotive roadmap have mass-market appeal?

Electric-vehicle adoption is among the highest priorities for governments who are spending a substantial amount on the electrification agenda. But are you sure that your automotive roadmap generates the right level of incentives to move the needle from niche to mass market?

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Deliver data-driven policy 

Use our new and used-car data, analytics and insights to design practical policies that maximise public appeal. 

Forecast RVs with accuracy 

Predict, track and compare adoption-rate successes using robust residual value data and forecasting. 

Get the pan-European view 

Explore policies and adoption rates across the European market quickly and easily. 

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Go beyond the new-car market

Most government policies are geared primarily towards the new-car market, which is just a fraction of the total car parc. For the automotive industry to drive continuous growth, governments are looking to extend policies to the mass- and used-car markets for a more holistic overview. 

With access to our manufacturer-approved specification, pricing, volume and valuation data, you can tap into the potential of the used-car market to bridge the affordability gap and ensure you’re incentivising the right vehicle segments for the wider market. 

Use our data to: 

  • Gauge electric-vehicle adoption rates across countries to feed into your own decision-making and adjust policies accordingly 
  • Track and compare residual values before and after adjustments and see if adoption is speeding up or slowing down 
  • Compare cross-border charging infrastructure and connector-types to determine the attractiveness of markets from an infrastructure perspective 
  • Measure against market-share targets to remain on track of your adoption agenda 
  • Stay on top of the industry megatrends with robust intelligence data to inform policy decisions at every conjecture 


vehicle retail values

Are electric-vehicles really more cost-effective?

Use our intuitive Car Cost Expert application and: 

  • Simulate and benchmark TCO values across individual vehicles to find out which one really is the most cost-effective. 
  • Invest in the most favourable segment for your economy. 

CAr cost expert

car data for government policy

Are you a tax advisor or a lawyer using our data and analytics?

Aside from informing policies, our data, analytics and insights are used across other government agencies from customs to courts, vis-à-vis the following: 

  • Tax advisors can rely on our robust vehicle valuations to know the exact price taxable on vehicles 
  • Our valuations are court-approved and can be used to assign values to vehicle assets in cases such as accidents 


Why manufacturers and importers trust our data

We provide up to 20 years of pricing data, analytics and insights – standardised across Europe – helping governments build sustainable automotive policies. 

Discover what else makes Glass’s the right choice for government professionals. 

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vehicle data for government

Maximise efficiency

Our identification data helps public sector clients to:

  • Catalogue entire fleets when combined with our VIN service
  • Source the right vehicle specifications to address individual sector needs, with pan-European coverage
  • Enhance overall system operations from fleet management through to taxation and legislation


Specialist electric vehicle volume and forecast data you can trust. We offer unique, quality tracking and forecasting data sets for electric vehicles at the highest level of granularity.


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Specialist electric vehicle volume and forecast data you can trust.