Market intelligence. Individual benchmarking. Undeniable profits. 

Track and optimise residual values on our class-leading visualisation software to secure bottom lines today.

Residual value intelligence 

Understand residual value developments across Europe’s main markets. Tailor our data to your needs 

Residual value monitoring 

Reliably benchmark residual values against core rivals – track historical data for up to 4 years for in-depth analysis 

Easy-to-use platform 

Save time using our all-in-one visualisation tool with customisable dashboards for easy access 

Residual Value Monitor

38 brands, 4 years history, 17 markets

Monitor, analyse and benchmark competitors’ performance against yours. Nationally and across Europe with standardised data. With residual value monitor, you can:

  • View current and up-to-date trade and retail values for reliable market intelligence
  • Explore different age-mileage combinations for a comprehensive analysis
  • Access up to 4 years of historical data – across 17 European markets – to uncover trends over time 
  • Pick the baskets you need. Compare apples with apples
  • Analyse performance over time with automatic predecessor and successor functionality  


residual value monitoring

Uncover critical residual value trends more granularly

Use our expert insights to find out how and why residual values are changing:

  1. Select the models you want to analyse 
  2. Rank models based on performance
  3. Benchmark performance against those of your competitors
  4. Uncover key variations over set time periods
  5. View KPIs on a single dashboard for at-a-glance analysis
  6. Identify uplifts based on facelift or launch effects  

car values

Unlock the full potential of European markets 

Significantly improve your competitive residual value position within the first year of using residual value monitor. Sell cars more profitably.

Pick up to 17 markets and 150 model types per market to cover your entire portfolio range. Compare analyses across markets to identify high and low performing markets across Europe. 

For an additional premium, you can get the raw data behind the tool, updated monthly, to enrich internal analyses.  

Anticipate residual value curveballs

Understand the 4-year trend on used car prices and forecast values on vehicles. Manage risks and protect your margins.

Why choose residual value monitor?

Blue sports car with reflective vehicle skeleton illuminating underneath
  • Trusted valuations from Autovista Group, based on a transparent methodology and local market expertise   
  • All the hard analysis work has been done for you. Visualisation enables you to instantly understand trends, rankings and key performance indicators – and extract crucial information for confident decision-making  
  • Foster better understanding of residual values within the organisation and the competitive landscape
  • User-centric tools – easy to use and showing all relevant information for different analytic needs  

Advantages to Manufacturers and Importers

  • Benchmark your residual value performance with your competitors’.
  • Adjust your strategy to improve values – sell more vehicles at a higher profit.
  • Address underperformance and build on positions of strength.
  • Evaluate the impact of specifications on used car values.
  • Analyse and adapt product strategy.
  • Design successful pricing policies and incentives.
  • Identify models that perform poorly on the residual value front. Act and improve your competitive position   

residual value tool

Advantages to Fleet and Finance

  • Improve fleet competitiveness.
  • Manage profitability and risk across your fleet.
  • Identify the most profitable European market to sell specific vehicles at the end the leasing term.
  • Forecast future remarketing income.
  • Pan-European view for your specific model groups.

Why residual value specialists trust our data

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Our team of experts, including local market specialists, regularly update our residual value data to increase accuracy and reflect a true market value. 

Discover what else makes Autovista the right choice for valuation professionals. 

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