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Identify emerging trends, uncover new revenue opportunities, and future proof your operations.

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Professional Services

We can help you uncover how the automotive industry megatrends affect your clients. We deliver hard data, facts and trends on new and used car markets, including remarketing performance of traditional and alternative powertrains, brands and models.

We cover total cost of ownership performance across Europe and benchmark performance across acquisition cost and utilisation cost. We support due diligences and asset risk assessments and collaborate effectively with your teams on site.

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Answer big questions

Access to our market experts, tools and data that will help you assess when electric vehicles reach a tipping point and how a competitor is performing against its direct rivals. Whatever the question, we will find you actionable answers backed up by reliable data.

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Use our marketing trends and tracking data to:

  • Decipher the complex residual value market at a glance
  • View residual trends across many European countries
  • Obtain raw data and analysis that will help you perfect your pitches
  • Enrich your due diligences with crucial perspectives on vehicle asset risk positions
  • Use our data and insights to inform your business strategy and win

Six things you gain by monitoring residual values

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Rely on proven expertise

Our industry-best methodologies and valuations data techniques have evolved over the past 80 years. We publish our accuracy figures each month for total transparency.

What will be the biggest automotive industry disruptions in the next two years

Andreas Geilenbruegge, Head of Valuations and Insights at Autovista Group, looks ahead at what could be the the biggest disruptions in the automotive industry for the next two years. What is changing for internal combustion engines and electric vehicles? What are the market expectations of these disruptions? What impact will they have on the industry?

Our Solutions

Residual Value Intelligence

Identify used car market trends, maximise revenues and protect profit margins.

Data Solutions

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.

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Please note, we only provide subscription services and cannot provide single valuations.

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We have worked with Glass’s for many years and during this time their professional approach to timely data provision has enabled us to deliver the customer service our clients expect.

Gary Jeffries, Sales & Marketing Director, Bynx