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‘Glass’s have been a consistent and reliable partner since we began trading and have been a key contributor to our strong growth over the years. Glass’s are integral to our business and have provided a simple straightforward integration process along with high levels of customer service and commitment‘ – Marina Theodosiou, Head of Credit Decision Science

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‘Glass’s forecast data is an easy to use solution which enables us to effectively manage our future exposure. The data is particularly easy to use and is flexible which allows us to stress the outcomes as required‘ – Craig Smith, Chief Risk Officer

We use the GlassForecast product to produce our residual values on a number of assets, and we find their service to be robust and consistent with a full range of asset coverage. Their online platform is very easy to use and helps us set meaningful and accurate residual values when considering deals with balloon payments‘ – Peter Larcombe, Head of New Business

‘The team at Glass’s have been key partners for us in launching our new, innovative motor finance product. They understood our aims and objectives from the outset and their API-led service is incredibly flexible and really chimes with how we operate. The integration process was seamless and the support has been outstanding’Chris Bosworth, Managing Director, Autolend



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‘We find using Repair Estimate really easy and efficient, which has really helped reduce the overall time from inspection to recharge. It is exactly what I was looking for’Rob Steven, Damage and Workshop Controller



We have partnered with Glass’s for a number of years and have always found the service to be excellent. Any issues or queries are quickly resolved and the team are always willing to help. Our regular check in calls help to focus our business needs and bring to the forefront any opportunities for improvement, either in service or product offering. Glass’s are extremely flexible and adaptable and this has been evident in recent months, which is much appreciated.’ Nav Takhar, Head of UK Operations

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We have worked with Glass’s for many years and during this time their professional approach to timely data provision has enabled us to deliver the customer service our clients expect ‘ – Gary Jeffries, Sales & Marketing Director

‘I have quickly found Glass’s to be an integral part of my company’s day to day running. If ever I have experienced any problems, their technicians have been on hand to offer advice and support. I would recommend to anyone in the motor trade ‘ Daniel Murray

‘We were delighted to link up with Glass’s to integrate their new Repair Estimate platform into our EVA engineer management software, and to be the first in the UK to do so. The new Repair Estimate graphical interface allows an estimate to be completed quickly and easily. The feedback from our existing clients has been very positive for the seamless integration and slick estimating.

Glass’s were very clear and helpful all the way through the process of developing the integration and we look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come ‘ – Dan Sweeney, MD

Glass’s products are an integral crucial asset to our business, allowing our Company to produce accurate and right first time professional reports to our customers and business partners’Tony Simpson, MD

‘Having a valuation tool which can seamlessly allow us to create a cost of repair, with images and and notes is quick and cost effective for total loss reports‘ – Giovanni Adamo, Chief Motor Engineer

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Glass's product testimonials
Glass's customer testimonials

This site is very useful in my line of work, values cars within seconds searches the country (or local if you prefer) for like for like vehicles, all the details you are likely to need about the vehicles can be found on here ‘ – Bob Cousins, Desktop Motor Engineer

‘ Glass’s is the indusrty leading value tool we use in all of our valuations ‘ – Adrian Naylor, Claims Handler



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‘ I use both Glass’s and CAP and there’s no doubt Glass’s model identification is far superior ‘ – Donald Rutherford


The Market Value Assessor is easy to use with no time being wasted, find the current type of vehicle with the additional information provided for what’s fitted to the vehicle and what is listed as a optional extra ‘Darell Bridgewater

I have used Glass’s services for many years and find the information informative, valuable and generally non contestable ‘Nigel Watts



‘I give Glass’s 10 out of 10. The Motorcycle Guide is a great tool for bike sales ‘ – John Campbell

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We have worked with Glass's for many years and during this time their professional approach to timely data provision has enabled us to deliver the customer service our clients expect.

Gary Jeffries, Sales & Marketing Director, Bynx

Glass's is the industry leading value tool we use in all of our valuations.

Adrian Naylor, Claims Handler, Co-op Insurance

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