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Get estimates right every time with our industry-leading repair and valuation services.

How we can help you

car repair data

From accurate vehicle data to parts prices and repair instructions, our easy-to-use applications save you time and help you maximise profit margins.

vehicle repair estimation tool

Why use Glass’s

Our data solutions help you create error-free estimates quickly, drive efficiency, boost competitiveness and protect your bottom line.

vehicle valuation data

Remove guesswork

Trusted by insurance brands and the Financial Ombudsman Service, Glass’s valuation data offers accurate, independent market values and specification data for any vehicle, enabling you to quickly identify vehicles and estimate repair costs.

Accelerate estimations

Our repair estimation tool speeds up repair decisions. Here’s how, you can:

  • Quickly identify a vehicle and its specification to begin creating an estimate – one solution for all manufacturers
  • Add repairs and replacements in moments, with the right part number
  • Fully assess vehicle repairs costs, including labour time and overlaps, and measure the value of a Total Loss
  • Rely on best-in-class parts/pricing data linked by licence plate and industry code.

Integrate into your systems

Repair data can plug directly into your existing systems if required, offering quick, hassle-free access to our one-stop estimation solution.


We provide support for generating telematics data and provide you with accurate identification of the equipment used in each vehicle.

Our Solutions

Repair Estimate

Fast, efficient and accurate repair estimating.

Market Value Assessor

Identify and value vehicles accurately and quickly using industry-best trade valuations.


Class-leading residual values for passenger cars, LCVs and motorbikes.

Data Feeds & APIs

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.

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