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Autovista is at the forefront of big data innovation in the automotive industry. Our technical understanding combined with cutting-edge technology allows us to consistently deliver robust, reliable datasets and feeds that can easily be integrated into your systems for effective risk management and market intelligence.

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We pivot the following three pillars towards maintaining our reputation as market-leaders in the autotech field:

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Our talented in-house consortium of data scientists, economists, editorial experts and researchers work continuously towards developing and improving robust machine learning models, drawing on industry best practice to maximise the accuracy of live retail predictions.

We feed new data into the system daily to ensure prices are constantly updated in line with the current market, while filtering out errors and anomalies in the raw input data to guarantee quality at all times.

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We combine our state-of-the-art machine learning with human expertise to deliver highly accurate monthly vehicle valuations.

All vehicles on the current market are thoroughly analysed, with local residual value specialists continuously reviewing estimations provided by our machine learning models.

These are benchmarked against market observations to ensure accuracy, while local market specialists are in constant dialogue around key market influencers such as inflation, supply shortages and regulations – all of which are pivotal for reliable forecasting.

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With a database carefully built from original manufacturing sources covering 99% of vehicles – including all EV types – we’re in a position to provide all relevant technical vehicle and price information for up to 20 years historically.

Plus, it’s standardised across Europe and all major brands, so you can use it to build multi-brand configurators, map car policies, manage fleets, or feed into customer-specific calculations like insurance premiums, among other data-driven applications.

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Fleet & Finance

Reliably set vehicle risk position for your entire fleet throughout the duration of a leasing contract.

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Manufacturers & Importers

Use data-driven insights to support decision-making at every stage from volume planning to sales.

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Set competitive premiums and process claims faster with up-to-date pricing and specification data.

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Optimise your end-of-contract strategy with accurate cross-border market data.

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