Our accuracy

Make decisions based on authoritative, unbiased data. We update our accuracy figures every month, offering you total transparency – plus peace of mind – about the accuracy rates of our Glass’s data. The results are based on our trade valuation data compared against the latest auction house observations.

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How we do it

To deliver this high level of accuracy and transparency each month, we source car auction sale observations from the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) and retail observations from the UK’s leading car advertising portals. Our specialist team also regularly meets with customers, motor trade experts, manufacturers, dealers and auctioneers as well as car rental companies and leasing/contract hire customers.

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How we bring it together

We take the findings and data from this research and analyse them in a series of monthly editorial meetings. This typically creates an overall average depreciation percentage plus highlights any strong performing sectors, manufacturers or models, which are taken into consideration in any valuation data.

Each and every market sector is evaluated to this high standard as well as vetted and cross-checked for any anomalies. It means values from the initial forecasts of pre-production models through to the used values of the oldest cars are all factored into our data sets by Glass’s highly experienced team.

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What it means for you

Our in-depth validation processes enable us to deliver data relevant to all our customers, whichever market segment you work in. From late plate, low mileage cars to ten-year-old high mileage vehicles, we have all your valuation data needs covered. We give you the confidence to make decisions based on authoritative, unbiased data.

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