Market intelligence. Individual benchmarking. Undeniable profits.

Track and optimise residual values on our class-leading visualisation software to secure bottom lines today.

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Residual value intelligence 

Understand residual value developments across Europe’s main markets. Tailor our data to your needs 

Residual value monitoring 

Reliably benchmark residual values against core rivals – track historical data for up to 4 years for in-depth analysis 

Easy-to-use platform 

Save time using our all-in-one visualisation tool with customisable dashboards for easy access 

Residual Value Intelligence

42 brands, 14 segments, 7 markets

forecast values

Stay on top of constantly fluctuating used-car market trends. Maximise margins. With our residual value index application, you can:

  • Compare performance across different markets. Improve volume planning  
  • Set up key performance indicators on a customisable dashboard. Stay on top of them  
  • Monitor current values across trade and retail for your market intelligence 
  • Review 16 age-mileage scenarios – improve strategic planning 
  • Slice the data to suit your needs. Compare fuel types, segments or brands across the whole market or specific subsets. 
  • Analyse used-car trends controlling for basket effects using our weekly price index 

vehicle data solutions

Rely on vetted data from a trusted industry voice

Our residual value intelligence draws on carefully curated pan-European pricing and specification datasets, offering:

  • Trusted valuations from Autovista Group, based on a transparent methodology and local market expertise   
  • A robust and proven segmentation system powering trend analysis  
  • Reliable weighted averages for accurate cross-country comparisons based on actual used-car market data
  • Price index derived from used car market data for weekly check-ins showing changes in market trends
  • Regularly updated market outlook and commentary from local market experts to support your analyses  

Intuitive software solutions. Master in days, not minutes.

We’ve listened to the feedback and have built user-centric tools tailored to your needs:  

  • View critical data at a glance on digestible dashboards 
  • Easily download graphs and datasets for use on presentations
  • Drill down on the data you need with custom views. Get answers to your specific questions on residual value market development  

Your used-car market stock ticker

Understand at last 4-year used-car market trends across all major brands and spot investment opportunities – all on one easy-to-master software. Follow the impact of the pandemic on the used-car market over time.

Why residual value specialists trust our data

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Our team of experts, including local market specialists, regularly update our residual value data to increase accuracy and reflect a true market value. 

Discover what else makes Autovista the right choice for valuation professionals. 

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