Stay competitive, compliant and profitable with our trusted valuation data and insight.

How we can help you

From pricing and underwriting through to managing portfolio risk, our applications and data sets help you to manage every stage of the underwriting and claims process quickly and efficiently.

Why use Glass’s

Our insurance customers use Glass’s data and tools to set accurate insurance premiums as well as assess and manage risk and claim costs:

Manage assets

Glass’s data helps you identify vehicles accurately, so you can make tailored valuations and underwriting decisions for any claim.

Speed up, free up

Use Glass’s and we can help you to: 

  • Process claims quickly and efficiently 
  • Free up engineers for vehicles that require their expertise 
  • Make more accurate and competitive quotes with VIN and licence plate look-up to identify all options and safety equipment automatically 
  • Reduce costs by accurately assessing vehicle damage


Get it right

Glass’s accurate data, trusted by the Financial Ombudsman Service, ensures that any total loss calculations are profitable and explainable to your customer.  

Access historic residual values data to support the accuracy of your decisions. 

Six things you gain by monitoring residual values


We provide support for generating telematics data and provide you with accurate identification of the equipment used in each vehicle.

Watch the video below to find out how we help insurers

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Our Solutions

Market Value Assessor

Identify and value vehicles accurately and quickly using industry-best trade valuations.

Repair Estimate

Fast, efficient and accurate repair estimating.

Residual Value Intelligence

Identify used car market trends, maximise revenues and protect profit margins.

Data Solutions

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.

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Please note, we only provide subscription services and cannot provide single valuations.

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Please note that we can offer our products and services to business customers only. A Glass’s employee will contact you personally and explain the Glass’s products and services to you. The processing of your personal data is based on Article 6 paragraph 1 point b) and point f) GDPR as described in the Glass’s Privacy Policy.

Glass’s is the industry leading value tool we use in all of our valuations.

Adrian Naylor, Claims Handler, Co-op Insurance