Ensure your innovations are the right fit and specification for the auto sector’s key players and products by teaming up with Glass’s.

How we can help you

From connectivity and telematics to emerging technological solutions, we partner with pioneers in the tech space to help roll out innovative products and services within the auto sector.

Why use Glass’s

Our clients use our authoritative data and insights to assess every auto maker’s vehicle and technological needs:

Spec it right

Our specification data helps you to spot where and how your product could be installed in a new vehicle model during its planning and design phase.

Stay in control

Glass’s identification data helps you keep track of your inventories so you always know which vehicles your products are installed in.

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Helping you help your customers

To truly help your customers save on fuel costs, reduce downtime, mileage, idling and inefficiencies, and increase driver safety, you need to know precisely what they are driving so you can fit the correct unit and software.

Our VIN look up service tells you exactly what optional extras are fitted to a vehicle, as soon as it leaves the factory. So you can make sure your customers’ fleet users are using cruise control efficiently, always have stop/start technology turned on, and are effectively using all safety features fitted to their vehicle.

Fast and accurate VIN identification

Unlike other vehicle identification methods, such as VRM, VIN let’s you know a car’s configuration as soon as it rolls of the production line. That means you can be a step ahead when it comes to knowing what tracking units are needed, the correct software to install, and the speediest processes for installation.

Make accurate and competitive bids for telematics contracts by using VIN to be a step or two ahead of your competition.

Who will be the Netflix of the car industry?

Switch from ownership to usership is one of the biggest challenges for all players in the automotive market. What is important for nowadays customers? Who will be the Netflix of the car industry? Will this position be dominated by one profile of a market players?
Hear Dirk-Marco Adams, Chief Sales Officer at Autovista Group sharing his view on this interesting topic.

Our Solutions

Residual Value Intelligence

Identify used car market trends, maximise revenues and protect profit margins.

Data Solutions

All the data you need throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, on your terms.

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