Monitor residual values. Influence success.

Track and optimise residual values on our class-leading visualisation software. Secure your bottom lines today.

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Calculate residual values 

Quickly analyse trusted data on our easy visualisation software to accurately calculate – and forecast – the residual values of your vehicle or fleet.

Improve your residual values strategies 

Use on-the-ground insights from our local market specialists to improve your internal and external residual value positions.

Monitor residual values market shifts 

Sudden changes in the market can quickly throw you off track. Fortify your residual values strategies with reliably up-to-date data – defend tight profits margin. 

Why Residual values are critical to your success on the new and used-car markets

Staying on top of residual value developments is critical to your financial stability – no matter where you are in the automotive chain.

OEMs use them to control price positioning and avoid B2B discounts. Leasing companies rely on them to determine around 85% of leasing rates. Remarketers use them to help decide when and where to sell.

But one thing remains the same. Boosting residual valuess enables you to sell more cars, more profitably. Click here for more information.

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Residual Value Monitor

38 brands, 4 years history, 17 markets

Pinpoint Residual value market influencers across Europe with Residual Value Monitor

Monitor, analyse and benchmark competitors’ performance against yours. Use our Residual Value Monitor application to:

  • Enjoy reliable market intelligence with up-to-date trade and retail values
  • Explore different age-mileage combinations for a comprehensive analysis
  • Access up to 4 years of historical data – across 17 European markets – to uncover trends over time
  • Customise your comparison by contrasting your vehicles against their closest counterparts
  • Analyse performance over time with automatic predecessor and successor functionality

How Residual Value Monitor magnifies your residual values analysis in 5 simple steps

residual value monitoring

We’ve designed Residual Value Monitor to help you navigate detailed residual values and vehicle data quickly and easily. To get started, open Residual Value Monitor online from anywhere and:

  1. Select the models you want to analyse 
  2. Rank models based on performance
  3. Benchmark performance against those of your competitors
  4. Uncover key variations over set time periods
  5. Identify uplifts based on facelift or launch effects  

Because when you dig deep into the cause and effect of residual value market fluctuations, your business gains the flexibility to create a strategic advantage. Claim your free Residual Value Monitor trial.


Residual Value Intelligence

42 brands, 14 segments, 7 markets

Detect and predict whole-market trends with Residual Value Intelligence

forecast values

Stay on top of constantly fluctuating used-car market trends. Use our Residual Value Intelligence application to:

  • Set up key performance indicators on a customisable dashboard. Stay on top of them 
  • Compare performance across different markets. Improve volume planning  
  • Monitor current values across trade and retail for your market intelligence 
  • Review 16 age-mileage scenarios – improve strategic planning 
  • Slice the data to suit your needs. Compare fuel types, segments or brands across the whole market or specific subsets. 
  • Analyse used-car trends controlling for basket effects using our weekly price index 


Improve your residual values position in 5 steps with Residual Value Intelligence

vehicle data solutions

Our experts have crafted Residual Value Intelligence to help you navigate residual value megatrends with ease. To get started, open Residual Value Intelligence and:

  1. Quickly assess Residual value performances across Europe from your homepage
  2. Explore your tabs to assess the data from every perspective
  3. Use handy filters to refine your analysis using different parameters
  4. Visualise how the data has changed over time using colour-coded graphs
  5. Review our local market outlook to predict how the market is likely to perform over the next 3 years

Then, action what you’ve learned to exploit cross-border opportunities, close gaps and reduce financial risks. Claim your free Residual Value Intelligence trial.


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