EV Volumes for Investors

Gauge and analyse risk. Screen future investments.


How EV Volumes helps Investors

Use EV Volumes’ sales history to follow up past investments and evaluate future ones. Gain valuable insights on short-term market movements. Manage risks and confidently invest in the right areas. 

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Here’s how EV Volumes provide reliable data to support your decision making:

Protect from heavy losses


Wondering if your investment is sound? Don’t count on unreliable data. Use our market leading BEV and PHEV monthly sales forecasts and tracking – updated every month – to track short-term market movements and make better investment decisions.

Understanding the complete picture

We are specialists in EV data. We are passionate about EV data. We use only the highest quality inputs to bring you market-leading forecasts for BEV and PHEV sales so that you can understand developing trends. We provide insights on market penetration, charging infrastructure, batteries, current and future offerings for a comprehensive analysis.

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