Your migration to Autovista VALUATION

Class-leading residual values for passenger cars, LCVs and motorbikes.

Same robust residual value data. Now on one feed.

We want you to continue leveraging our class-leading residual value data towards meeting your business objectives. And we’ve made it even simpler for you to do so.

Soon, we’ll be replacing our current offering with our all-new AutovistaVALUATION data feed – harmonised across all European markets for easy implementation – easily integrated in combination with AutovistaSPEC.
Our heritage of trusted used-car data has been recognised by experts as the benchmark for the entire automotive sector.

AutovistaVALUATION at a glance

15 European markets

99% of all vehicles and LCVs

1 data feed

Who is AutovistaVALUATION for?

Car manufacturers

Plan new-vehicle launches, set winning used-car market strategies and support profitable remarketing decisions with trusted residual values. Demonstrate your residual value advantage to edge out your rivals.

Fleet and Finance companies

Benchmark residual values to make the right purchasing decisions. Estimate the value of your fleet to stay on top of your targets. Manage risk effectively during the leasing contract by knowing what your vehicles are worth at every stage.

Finance and Insurance

Use AutovistaVALUATION to support your total loss calculations, set correct premiums and protect your margins.


Understand the value of your stock and see how your vehicles are performing on the residual value front when compared to other vehicles on the market.

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