Get ready to migrate to the all-new Glass’s

The time has come – Glass’s is replacing GlassNet. Keep scrolling to read more about what you can expect and how to prepare for your migration.

Are you ready to migrate to your all-new Glass’s?

The all-new Glass’s brings together all our dealer customer data in one place, for the first time. It’s easy to use and works perfectly across all devices, helping you manage your stock and customers anytime, anywhere.

Get ready and get excited

Your migration to the all-new Glass’s is now only days away. To help make this transition as seamless as possible we gave you preview access to trial the new Glass’s before it permanently replaces GlassNet.

Your login details were sent recently from UK Glass’s ( Login to the all-new Glass’s as soon as you can and start getting familiar with the new layouts and features.

Glass’s is optimised for mobile devices, so you don’t need to download another app. Simply pin to your device’s home screen for quick access.

Help & Support

To make full use of Glass’s read our FAQs below, log in and watch our video guides which you will find in the footer of the product.

Video Guides

Please contact our Customer Experience team if you have any questions about your migration.


Whether you're a system administrator or a user these helpful FAQs cover your preview and migration.

When your access is set-up you will receive an email from Glass’s ( with your new username and temporary password.
These credentials will only be sent once when your access to the new Glass’s is set-up and the temporary password will be valid for 7 days.

All active users on your current subscription will be given preview access and then migrated to the new Glass’s.

The access rights will need to be set up by the admin once users have migrated as we have amended some of the parameters.
You can review these during preview – this may be helpful as settings may have been set up many years ago – but they will need to be reconfigured once you have migrated.

Yes, you will be able to add new users in accordance with your license.

The general settings need to be defined by each dealer administrator. This is an excellent opportunity and will allow you to review all settings and update to follow your current processes.

You will be able to value vehicles and add in dummy data to test in the stock management area but this will all be deleted when you are officially migrated to the new service. You will not be able to promote cars via AutoTrader as this area is not yet live.

Your valuations and stock will not be available to access in preview. Your current vehicle stock will be transferred from GlassNet to the new Glass’s on the date of the migration along with all other valuations created during the last 12 months, any related repair calculations and sold stock. The data migrated will be:
• all vehicles flagged as being in stock at the migration date
• all valuations created in the last 12 months
• all light damage estimates created in the last 12 months
• all sold vehicle data as of 01.01.2019
• all customer data

The new Glass’s will give you access to data and valuations for vehicles up to 12 years old. According to quantitative research we conducted before embarking on the project of creating the new Glass’s, 12 years back is what the majority of our users need. By cutting the volume of data in our service, we can improve the performance of the site and make your day-to-day work better and easier.

No, any activity carried out during your trial will be deleted when you migrate. Please do not start adding your stock to Glass’s at this stage and continue to use GlassNet to run your business as usual.
We will move your stock, information and profiles in accordance with your GlassNet account when we migrate you. At this point everything you need will be in the new Glass’s and your access to GlassNet will be turned off.

No, you will use the same login details that you used to access preview.

The new Glass’s has been designed to work with the latest internet browsers. We recommend using Google Chrome.
For your security and the best user experience, please update to the latest browsers that you can download here:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (replaces Internet Explorer)
Mozilla Firefox
Safari (for Apple Mac users)

We will be emailing you the exact migration date and remind you about the upcoming migration a week before, days before and on the day it happens.

Simple definitions can be found by clicking on the ‘i’ button on the site. There are also short “how to” videos that you can watch once you access preview of Glass’s. You will find them in the site footer.

Yes, this will remain the same.

No. To revalue a vehicle, you need to access each vehicle.

Glass’s Trade and Retail values are updated monthly. Our Live Retail values are updated daily.