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Fast, efficient and accurate repair estimating.

How we can help you

vehicle repair cost estimator

Designed to work for you

  • Pre-accident damage calculations, interactive graphics, and user friendly interface
  • PDF Report Builder for bespoke report generation
  • XML export functionality for system integration purposes
  • Web based and mobile optimised so can be accessed from any PC or tablet

User guides

Click on the images below to access the Quickstart Guides.


User Guide Video: Set up a profile, Launch Repair Estimate and Complete a simple estimate

User Guide Video: Adding vehicle details, Customer information, images and more

User Guide Video: PDF Report building, printing, how to download and email

How do I change the labour rate in an estimate?
There is a tab on the toolbar “Labour rates and discounts”. You can change the labour rates & discounts for this job only.

The parts prices do not seem correct
The prices are updated monthly, so there may be a short time when they differ from the MRP.

The parts prices do not seem correct for certain parts
Have you been through the criteria section of the software & checked say LED headlamps? This will automatically give you the price for LED lights rather than basic.

I cannot find any times for vehicle can I still produce an estimate
Yes, from within RE go to File, Vehicle seletion, you may well find that we do not have times for the exact model trim, but we may have for a different trim spec, you can also find a similar sized vehicle and use the shadow option.

Can I save/print the ERE report?
Yes, you have to click on the calculator icon at the top, and then select whether you want the PDF report or to print it. You can also set up report templates in MVA.

Can I change hourly rates for future estimates?
Yes, This is best done in MVA under My Account – Profile builder.

What is the vehicle coverage?
The coverage is very extensive, however the amount of data for a specific vehicle & the way it is presented will depend on how old the vehicle is.

I cannot find a part
You can use the search part facility magnifying glass just above the speedy zone, you can search by name or part number, sometimes less description is more beneficial.

I can see the part description but its ‘greyed’ out & cannot select
This is because you have not told the ‘criteria’ section these parts are fitted ie LED headlight.

Can I add my own standard items?
Yes this can be done from the toolbar – edit – user defined options.

Can I search for an specific part
Yes, if you know the part code number, you can enter it in the search bar and the part linked to that code will appear. You can also search by text if you do not know the part code.

Can I select multiple parts at once?
Yes, please click first on the “Multiple Select” button on the graphics page. Then you can select all the parts you need.

Why don’t you have times & parts for all vehicles?
Some manufacturers do not supply data, Ferrari, Bentley etc, We try to get the most popular vehicles into the system.

How easy to use is the system?

Repair Estimate is designed to be intuitive to use, and often can be learned to a workable degree within a few sessions of use. We provide constant customer support over the duration of a subscription, coupled with free online training sessions with a veteran trainer should they be required.


How is the product accessed?

The initial subscription covers a license for our online, portal-based system. This can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and functions on tablet devices.


Can I use the system on multiple devices concurrently?

Additional logins for an existing license are priced competitively.


Will this allow me to conduct work for insurers?

Repair Estimate produces accurate and professional reports for insurer jobs and commercial jobs alike. Further to this you are able to define different labour profiles, labour rates, and specific discount rates to delineate between different types of customer.


What is the coverage for Repair Estimate?

Repair Estimate contains repair information for the vast majority of the UK’s most popular cars and light commercial vehicles in an ever-expanding database. An intuitive Shadow Vehicle interface allows you to cover any gaps in our range, but as a general rule there will be a solution for any vehicle registered in the last 20 years.


How often is your database updated?

The Repair Estimate database is updated monthly.


What reporting facilities are there?

We provide a .pdf report template builder with comprehensive construction methods to personalise your estimates.


Where do you pull your parts pricing and paint data from?

This is all drawn directly from manufacturer databases.


How is pricing structured?

Our estimating is provided as a licensed product. We do not charge per estimate.


Do you function as a Bodywork Management System?

Repair Estimate is solely an estimating module. We do have integrations with numerous BMS providers (e.g. Minotaur Software’s EVA).

For general enquiries please contact Customer Services on 020 3897 2500 or email, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm.
For technical help please contact our Helpdesk team on 020 3897 2550 or email, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Repair Estimate: Fast, Efficient and accurate repair estimating

Repair Estimate is an effective car cost repair estimator tool to help support your business through unique, state-of-the-art dynamic colour coded graphics – with unlimited valuations that are avaliable anywhere, and at anytime.

Watch the video to find out more.

assess vehicle repair costs

Advanced repair estimating solution

  • User defined profiles, which allows labour rates, discounts and the like to be set once and used forever
  • Bespoke reports can be built by the user, allowing you to show only the information and data you deem relevant
  • Get access anywhere – no installation required so Repair Estimate can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Multi user access – up to 1,000 additional logins can be purchased for one account, giving all users quick access to all vehicle cases

We find using Repair Estimate really easy and efficient, which has really helped reduce the overall time from inspection to recharge. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Rob Steven, Damage and Workshop Controller, Close Brothers Vehicle Hire

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