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How reforecasting can help you exploit opportunities and mitigate risks

RV forecasting

Disruptive events such as COVID and Brexit have massively increased financial and reputational risk for finance, leasing and fleet companies.

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We discuss how your company can always prepare for disruption by using reforecasting to:

  • Guarantee you never over rely on a single data source
  • Reduce the risk at the end of contract
  • Guard against reputational damage

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Tim Wellman – Glass’s National Key Account Manager – discusses the key drivers impacting the fleet, leasing and finance sector, and why reforecasting has become business critical.

residual value forecasts

The threat of a ‘perfect storm’ is why another opinion on existing residual value forecasts is needed more than ever. Take advantage of a service designed to meet the unique challenges faced by three key sectors:

  •  Fleet owners and operators who need to choose the strongest vehicles for their fleet and forecast de-fleet rates accurately
  •  Leasing and hire companies that must set profitable, competitive rates that never leave them exposed to financial risk
  •  Finance providers that need to set accurate PCP/PCH offerings to avoid negative positions at end-of-leasing terms.

You can rely on a company with decades of data expertise to offer trusted residual value forecast data that acts as an independent, verifiable benchmark. The accuracy of our data means you are protected against risk exposure and loss, and complements your decision making with intelligence-driven data insights.

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