Buying and charging electric vehicles takes a step forward in the UK

Tom Geggus | 03 Aug 2021

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With each new model launch, the UK’s electrically-chargeable vehicle (EV) market is expanding. Alongside this, both private and fleet purchasers are seeing an increased number of services and infrastructure offerings.

One example of how things are changing is the offering of dedicated online sales platforms focusing solely on EV variants of brand lineups. This is a service offered by the new JustGoEV platform. The site offers up both new and used electrified vehicles, as well as charge-point and services mapping.

There is good news too for the UK’s commercial fleets, as an EDF subsidiary and carmaker Nissan launch a new charging service using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. This means businesses can consume low-carbon energy, make progress towards decarbonisation targets and reduce operating costs.

Electric online

UK consumers looking to buy a mild-hybrid (MHEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or battery-electric vehicle (BEV) online can now do so at The site already hosts over 3,000 EVs through a network of over 6,000 dealers.

‘Our research shows us that the UK EV car parc is expected to top nine million vehicles by 2030 and that already 50% of car buyers are considering an EV of some description as their next purchase, so now is the perfect time to introduce the platform,’ co-founder Jack Woodgate said.

With the sale of new cars and vans powered solely by petrol or diesel coming to an end in the UK by 2030, the uptake of zero-emission transportation is set to grow exponentially. So JustGoEV is positioning itself to ride the incoming wave as consumers research and buy electrified models.

‘The EV tipping point is almost here,’ Woodgate said. ‘In the next three years, we are going to see plug-in and hybrid cars outselling petrol and diesel models, so it makes sense to have a marketplace for them and associated services as the EV market continues its rapid evolution.’

The site should benefit from the recent surge in online buying generated by the lockdown of physical dealerships during COVID-19. Networked dealerships should also prosper as JustGoEV behaves like a portal to their stocks of new and used EVs.

‘Almost eight out of 10 car buyers say they do most of their car-buying research online, so if a consumer is looking to make the leap to an EV, we are offering them a platform that filters out everything irrelevant to them and helps with common ownership hurdles, like installing a home-charge point,’ Woodgate added. ‘Respectively, we are also giving dealers and EV manufacturers a direct means of reaching customers who are in the market for an EV as their next car.’


The UK’s fleet operators also have cause for greater electric confidence as a new commercial V2G service is announced. Dreev, a joint venture between EDF and Nuvve, is partnering with Nissan to launch the offering. V2G technology, also known as bidirectional charging, allows electricity to flow two ways. EVs can charge their batteries when electricity is at its cheapest, and excess power can then also be sold back to the grid when necessary.

EDF’s V2G offering will include the installation of a two-way connected compact 11kW charger. Dependent on battery model, this unit will be capable of fully charging a Nissan Leaf in roughly three hours and 30 minutes. The package will also come with a dedicated Dreev app, which will outline a vehicle’s energy requirements and track and control charging in real-time.

‘Our hope is that forward-thinking businesses across the country will be persuaded to convert their traditional fleets to electric, providing them with both an environmental and economic advantage in an increasingly crowded market,’ said Philip Valarino, interim head of EV projects at EDF.

The offer is open to fleet owners of the Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 models. The companies predict this technology could save customers around £350 (€410) per charger each year, equating to roughly 9,000 miles (14,484km) of electric driving annually.

‘The Nissan Leaf, with more than half a million units already sold worldwide – is the only model today to allow V2G two-way charging,’ said Andrew Humberstone, managing director at Nissan Motor GB. ‘As such, the Nissan Leaf offers new economic opportunities for businesses that no other electric vehicle does today. We are delighted to be working with EDF on the deployment and democratisation of V2G technology, and in providing yet another reason for transport to electrify.’

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