Leisure Vehicle Product Closures

Below you can find important FAQs regarding our changes up to 2025.              

Please note

From 1 January 2025 the products GlassNet Caravan and Digital Caravan Guide will no longer be available.

Also from 1 January 2025 the Leisure Vehicle data within the products Market Value Assessor, Market Value Assessor Repair Estimate and GlassNet will no longer be provided.


FAQs for Product Closures

The decision was not taken lightly and is part of our efforts to streamline operations as Leisure Vehicles are no longer commercially viable.  This change will allow us to concentrate our resources on enhancing our core business.

The following products will be discontinued:

  • Leisure Vehicle Data (Caravan; Motor Caravan; Holiday Home)
  • Glass’s Guide App – Caravan
  • GlassNet Caravan (and additional logins)

With effect from and including 1st January 2025 (the Closure Date) it will no longer be possible for us to provide the Products. Your license to use the Products will terminate with effect from the Closure Date as a result.

Yes, Subscriptions that expire before the closure date will be renewed on a pro-rata basis to 31st December 2024.

If your subscription extends beyond the closure date, you will receive a pro-rata refund for the remaining unused portion of your subscription.

Leisure Vehicle data is released quarterly, with the final update scheduled for October 2024.

The support for your product(s) will remain unchanged during this period.

Your license and therefore access to use the Products will terminate with effect from the Closure Date.

FAQs for Data being discontinued within your Product

Leisure vehicle data will be discontinued within the following products 

  • Market Value Assessor / Market Value Assessor Repair Estimate 
  • GlassNet

Starting January 1st, 2025, Leisure vehicles will no longer be accessible within our products. While historical data will remain available in a read-only format, new entries for Leisure vehicles will not be possible in the products.

If you have any further questions please contact our Customer Service: customer@glass.co.uk