Do you have the data you need for a Financial Conduct Authority investigation?

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The FCA is scrutinising the past 5 years of vehicle claims to determine whether insurers settled claims fairly throughout the pandemic.

If your business is found to have undercompensated customers – even despite fluctuating values – you could face millions in fines. The investigation has already cost UK insurance companies millions.

At Glass’s, we provide data and expertise to help analyse your historical claims, manage risks and maintain your customer reputation.

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Were you prepared for volatile valuations?

From 2020, used car valuations have seen drastic fluctuations, with the most notable being a significant increase in values during 2021. If you were not ready for this increase in values, you may be found to have undercompensated customers.

It is your responsibility to ensure customers receive fair settlements, so make sure you have the data you need to backup your valuations and minimise the risk of fines.

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Glass’s accurate data, trusted by the Financial Ombudsman Service, ensures that any total loss calculations are profitable and explainable to your customer.

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Rapid vehicle identification

Provide competitive premiums fast without fear of underinsurance – find vehicles and 5,000 unique parts using only a VRM

Easy and accurate pricing

Use original manufacturer list prices and investigate the effect of optional extras to quickly calculate each vehicle’s true value

Regularly updated data

We have contracts with over 40 OEMs – and counting – to provide you with detailed manufacturing data covering Europe and China

99% of vehicles. 5,000 unique parts. Costed down to the labour time.

Outperform your competition

Technical information on newer vehicles is becoming increasingly hard to find – especially with increasing developments in the electric vehicle market.

Plus, with the rise of new high-speed technologies, the race to provide attractive premiums and accurate repair estimates is tighter than ever.

Use Autovista’s identification, equipment and repair data and tools to speed up your Insurance business – without compromising quality.

Understand the full effect of optional equipment

Still relying on standard prices to underwrite your motor policies?

Chances are, you’re overlooking thousands of euros in additional equipment and options – which could lead to substantial under-pricing and a frustrating claims process.

Use our identification and specification tools to quickly calculate the historical new price of your exact vehicles. Plus, improve your claims ratio by analysing the effect of options and offering more attractive premiums – without risking your bottom line.


Use standardised data directly from manufacturers

Unlock specification data that covers:

  • Technical info like audit type, fuel type, dimensions and fuel consumption
  • Equipment – including exact nuances from seat materials to sunroofs
  • Pricing data that’s contractually up-to-date for enhanced accuracy

Our dedicated specification experts take this data and translate it into one consistent language, saving you the hassle of cross-referencing mismatched inputs.


  • Find accurate and detailed vehicle info using just a VRM to offer your customers better premiums without sacrificing profits.
  • Stay in control despite an evolving market with up-to-date data covering 99% of EVs, hybrids and ICE vehicles.
  • Seamlessly integrate our data into your existing systems and save on expensive software upgrades.
  • Significantly reduce human error that could otherwise lead to damaging claims of fraud.

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Bodyshop and claims assessment

  • Easily estimate the value of a claim with our industry-leading vehicle valuation tool.
  • Find accurate parts pricing and information quickly and easily using colour-coded interactive graphics.
  • Determine the expected cost of repairs with Repair Estimate. Use in combination with accurate valuations to evaluate total loss claims
  • Access historic residual value data to support the accuracy of your decisions.


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