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Glass's training webinars

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We show you how to optimally use Glass's to make your daily business and decision-making easier and more effective.

Our free webinars will show you how to:

  • Navigate your way around the system
  • Quickly find and value vehicles you are looking for (via VRM or using Make and Model search) 
  • Use Live Retail (Radar) to compare vehicle prices across online exchanges and ensure your prices are always competitive 
  • Record valuations, offers, transactions and your customers’ details. 
  • Get familiar with the Admin area – so you can set up new users and other extras

On-demand webinars and Video guides

Watch our short product videos for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Glass’s. Also watch our On-Demand Webinars to find out about the advantages Glass’s offers to simplify your workday and make you work more successfully.

Video guide: Identification

Precise vehicle identification is essential for an accurate valuation. We show you how to quickly and accurately identify vehicles with Glass.

Video guide: Valuation

Watch our video to learn how Glass’s can help you improve the accuracy of your valuations, both when trading-in a vehicle and when pricing it for resale.

Video Guide: Repair

With Glass’s Repair Estimate, you can calculate vehicle damage accurately and easily and create complete repair cost estimates.

Video guide: Stock Management

Increase your potential to make a successful sale by managing your stock effectively with Glass’s. Watch our video guide to learn more.

Video guide: Live Retail

Track over-priced, under-priced or slow-moving vehicles against live retail figures and make better pricing decisions with Glass’s Live Retail.

Video Guide: Provenance Check

Watch our video guide to learn how to access Experian provenance checks in Glass’s to get the complete picture of any trade-in that comes your way.

User guides

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Yes, it does. The system is fully mobile responsive and works in any mobile browser. In the new Glass’s we have enhanced the mobile functionalityso that the user journey is simpler to use with the core features right at your fingertips. 

The new Glass’s has been designed to work with the latest internet browsers. This means it will not deliver the best experience on outdated versionof Internet Explorer. Please update your computers and additional devices in order to gain the best Glass’s experience, and to ensure your online safety and security is maximised 

Cars, Motorcycles and LCVs.  

This is a very important and exciting feature that can be used in conjunction with today’s used value to understand the value of a vehicle today vs. a future date up to 6 months ahead. You can use this feature to show customers the depreciation of their vehicle to speed up the sales process by showing the customer how much they’re likely to lose if they don’t transact sooner. 

Live Retail is an important enhancement that allows our dealers to gain a key competitive advantage vs other dealers. By being able to track a local retail price in real time, Live Retail enables you to price your stock for the best balance between profit and speed of sale and keep it up to date with next to no effort. Use it when pricing part-exchanges to assess your realistic margin to avoid overpaying or to help you offer a little bit more to secure the deal, safe in the knowledge you have enough margin in the car. 

Glass’s trade and retail asking values are updated monthly. Our Live Retail values are updated each day. 

This is such a seamless and easy to use feature, where results can be seen in under two clicks. If you have the VRM feature in your subscription, you put this in the system and have the option to put in accurate mileage, this will give you a valuation in a matter of seconds. If you don’t know the specific mileage of a vehicle, this isn’t an issue, as an average mileage figure is used until you can populate this field with more accurate information regarding the vehicle. 

You can populate the field ‘Make and Model’ and see the drop-down list in order to locate the vehicle type. Also, at launch, you will be able to use our internal code, otherwise known as ‘Natcode’, to also search for vehicle types. 

You can enhance your competitiveness through the ‘Live Retail’ functionality by tracking your local market every single day. You can use the tool to overlay your desired margin with the adjustment factors, enabling you to offer the best price for stock, whilst also maintaining a good profit margin.  

The tool is designed to have an admin user and a standard user as default. Only admin users will be able to amend adjustment factors, standard users will be able to use these adjustments but not modify them. This allows for increased consistency of your sales staff output as you can provide them with set adjustments that they must use. Only selected administrators will be allowed to make changes in the new Glass’s. 

Our other solutions

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  • Data Feeds & APIs

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