CCE for Fleet & Leasing

Select top TCO performers. Save money

Use Car Cost Expert to compare TCO values across markets, review workshop costs and perform plausibility checks of lease rates to improve your remarketing strategy – and maintain a healthy business model. Now available on a highly-intuitive and visual User Interface to help you visualise TCO. 



Make cost-saving decisions.

Use the consumption and emission filters to identify matching vehicles across brands and make the most cost-effective purchasing decisions. You can also see how alternative powertrains perform in terms of TCO to improve your acquisition strategy. 


Make more informed decisions

Simulate individual assumptions and parameters including discounts, labour and interest rates and consumption figures to get the best possible discounting values and remain competitive.


Meeting the needs of the customer.

With the extensive filters available, you can now drill down on the data and find the right vehicle and engine type for your clients’ and drivers’ purpose – all from a single, highly reliable source.