CCE for Car Manufacturers

Prove your TCO advantage. Sell more cars.

Car Cost Expert is more than a TCO checker. It’s the definitive TCO simulator, allowing you to find your ideal equipment, package and service combination so you can beat your rivals and sell more cars to fleet and leasing, more profitably. 

Now available on a highly intuitive and visual user interface to get you ready for the market faster. 

Research and Development

Futureproof your designs 

Use Car Cost Expert to simulate trims, equipment packages, and service intervals to generate the lowest possible TCO before designing future models. 

Product and Pricing

Improved pricing strategies 

Heavily discounting new vehicles may harm your margins. Use Car Cost Expert to plug in different values and find the sweet spot of a lower TCO at a lesser discount than your rivals. 


Enrich communications.

Use Car Cost Expert to benchmark your models’ TCO performance against the competition. Create enticing marketing collateral to demonstrate this advantage – and sell more cars.