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We recently held a webinar where our Automotive market experts Phil Curry and Jayson Whittington provided insights on the dealer market. Paul Marklew and Charlie Elding demonstrated all you need to know about our new platform that’s revolutionising vehicle valuations and stock management. Please view the webinar below, you can also view the presentation slides here.


Glass's SSM Webinar – Q&A

We expect to see increased demand for ICE cars closer to the 2030 deadline, as people buy what may be their last petrol/diesel car and then run it for as long as they can. These cars will last a long time because the technology has improved so much making modern cars very reliable. ICE cars will be really popular as the 2030 deadline approaches and residual values will be strong as a consequence. EV demand is more difficult to predict.

Across Europe the EU is looking to phase out the sale of internal combustion engines as well and car makers are ramping up their manufacturing for EV’s. They are a little bit behind where they are with ICE, but the investment is going in as well as infrastructure, but there needs to be more. These concerns could impact buyer decisions, it is likely in 2029 we could see more ICE sales and people may want to hold on to technology they are more familiar with as a result, an unexpected side effect of the ICE ban.

We buy our data directly from a number of different online advertising portals. The main sources for us are and Exchange and Mart. We receive roughly 8.5 million unique dealer adverts every year from these sources which help us maintain our valuation accuracy.

Our live regional pricing coverage covers the whole of the UK, so covers Northern Ireland at a post code level. There is enough information to come to some really powerful conclusions and there is definitely enough data in Northern Ireland to service that part of the country as well.

I can’t see the bubble bursting on used values. Cars are depreciating assets and we’ve gone through a bit of a strange period where they have increased in value but I would expect to see values level out in the short term. We expect values to depreciate next year but they are not about to fall off a cliff. Supply issues are not going to go away in the used car market, so therefore at worst there should be a normal level of annual depreciation. We would expect to have a period in early 2022 where values plateau before there is normalization in the mid-term.

Key takeaways

  • Tracking stock levels – make sure every stock slot works as hard as possible
  • Diversifying your forecourt – you can ensure you’re buying and selling at the right price everytime
  • Getting refurbishment costs right  – OEM sourced parts pricing right at your fingertips