Podcast: Jumpstarting 2021 – registrations, electromobility and shows

Tom Geggus | 09 Feb 2021

About the author

Tom Geggus


As a journalist for Autovista Group's Daily Brief, Tom covers a wide variety of stories from across the automotive industry. From sales figures to the development of technology, he wants to know what is driving the industry.

The Autovista Group Daily Brief team takes a look into some of the biggest automotive news stories of the past fortnight. Phil Curry and Tom Geggus discuss January’s new-car registrations, how carmakers like Ford, Hyundai, and Daimler are tackling electromobility, and whether there should be automotive shows this year.

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Show notes

EU new-car registrations to start recovery in second half of 2021

Deceptively shaky start to 2021 new-car registrations across Europe

Germany: new-car registrations down 31% in January

UK new-car market suffers ‘worst start to the year since 1970’

EVs make great strides across European markets in 2020

Ford trebles size of UK EV-charging network

Hyundai boosts zero-emission mobility

Daimler to become Mercedes-Benz as it spins off truck business

Will there be a physical motor show in 2021?

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