Podcast: How might self-driving cars change us?

Tom Geggus | 16 Dec 2020

About the author

Tom Geggus


As a journalist for Autovista Group's Daily Brief, Tom covers a wide variety of stories from across the automotive industry. From sales figures to the development of technology, he wants to know what is driving the industry.

From challenges to breakthroughs and new applications, 2020 has been an important year for autonomous technology. But how might these advances change the relationship between vehicles and people?

Autovista Group Daily Brief journalist Tom Geggus speaks with Shaun Helman, chief scientist for behavioural and data sciences, and Camilla Fowler, head of automated transport, from the UK Transport Research Laboratory to find out.

Catch up with Autovista Group’s other autonomous-vehicle insights from 2020, including the long road to autonomyfacing autonomous disillusionment, and keeping up with autonomous cars.

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