Caravan Data

A list of standard abbreviations for customers who use and access our Caravan Data.

Standard Abbreviations

A/c – Air conditioning
A/cl – A Class
AL – Aluminium
Alle. – Allegro
Ap. – Apache
ATC – Automatic Trailer Control
Avant. – Avantgarde
Ax. – Axles

B – Berth/Bedroom
B/cl – B Class
Bk – Bunk
BR – Bunk Room

C/L – Centre Lounge
CBS – Corner Bath Suite
Cct – Centre Cassette Toilet
CD – Centre Dinette
CH – Central Heating radiators
Che. – Cheyenne
Chi. – Chieftain
CK – Centre Kitchen
CL CON – Closed Conservatory
CLK – Centre L Kitchen
Clks – Cloakroom
Cr/L – Cross Lounge
Ct – Cassette Toilet
Cust’m/Cust’ – Custom
CW – Centre Washroom

Dak. – Dakota
DB – Double Bedroom
DD – Double Dinette
DG – Double Glazing
DR – Dresser
Du. – Ducato
(DV) – Details Verified as correct

E/S – Ensuite
EB – End Bedroom
Ebk – End bunk beds
Ect – End Cassette Toilet
ED – End Dinette
EK – End Kitchen
EL – End Lounge
El/Glide – Electra Glide
Elg. – Elegance
ET – End Toilet
EW – End Washroom
Exe. – Executive
Ext – External

F/E – Front Entrance
FB – Fixed Bed
FB (fr os) – Fixed Bed
FB (fr tr) – Fixed Bed (front transverse)
FD – Front Door
FD – Front Door
FEB – Fixed End Bed
FF – Fully Furnished
FIB – Fixed Island Bed
FK – Front Kitchen
FL – Front Lounge
FL – Front Lounge
FR – Flat Roof
FSB – Fixed Single Bed
FSD – Free Standing Dining Room Entrance
FW – Front Washroom
FXD – Fixed Dining Room Seating

Gl’d – Glide

H/T – High Top
HertG – Hertitage
Hymer. – Hymermobil

Int – Interior
Inte. – Integra
ISL – Inside Storage Locker

L – L shape seating front (fr) & rear (rr)
L/Locker – Large Locker
L/P – Low Profile
LEB – Lounge turns into End Bedroom
LF – Loose Furniture
LhD(UK) – Left hand door (UK specification
Lob – Lobby

Man – Manual
Mono – Monocoque

NS – Non Service
(NT) – Near side Toilet

OVS – opening vertical skylight

PR – Pitched Roof

r – Rear
R/R – Rising Roof
Rand. – Randonneur
RhD – Right hand door/drive
RL – Large Roof Light
RS – Rear Storage
RT – Roof Terrace

(S) – Short Vehicle
+Sh – Shower Cubicle within Washroom
S/A – Single Axle
S/Auto – Semi Auto
S/blazer – Starblazer
S/Cape – Seascape
S/L – Small Locker
SB – Single Bedroom
Sbk – Side Bunk
Sc – Scout
SD – Side Dinette
Sea. – Seaspirit
SEbk (fr) – Side End Bunk (front)
SEbk (r) – Side End Bunk (rear)
Ser. – Series
SH – separate Shower Room
Silv – Silver Sides
Sp/Ed – Special Edition
SR Sun Roof
STD – Standard
Sty – Study

T/A – Twin Axle
T/W – Twin Wheels
Tali. – Talisman
TC – Timber Clad
TE – Textured Exterior
TEX – Textured Finish
TFB – Twin Fixed Bed
TPR – Tile/Pantiled Pitch Roof
TR – Tiled Roof
Tra. – Tracker
TW – Twin Bedroom

UI – Underfloor Insulation
UPH – Upholstery
uPVC DG – uPVC Double Glazing
Uty – Utility

VER – Verandah
VC – Vaulted Ceiling

W/G – Wood Grain
W/O CT – without cassette toilet
Wel. – Welcome
WI – Winter Insulation (wall)
WIW – Walk in Wardrobe

X – Cross Lounge

Specialist dealers:

(Ba) Barrons(BL) Broad Lane Leisure 
(CC) Couplands Caravans (Ca) Campbells (Ci) Camping International 
(CL) Caravan Land(Ch) Chichester(Cr) Crowland
(D) Davan(DC) Duncan Caravans (DL) Discover Leisure
(FC) Fry’s Caravans  
(GC) Golden Castle(G)    Glossop 
(HC) Highbridge Caravan (H)    Harringtons(HD) Hants & Dorset 
(LL) Lowdham Leisure  
(MC) Mendip Caravan Group(M) Millenium(MJ) Michael Jordon
(ML) Mary Land(Mq) Marquis 
(PB) Pearman Briggs(PC) Preston Caravans  
(Rs) Ropers(RC) Robinsons Caravans (RJ) Raymond James
(SC) Swindon Caravans (SL) Stewart Longton (SX) Sussex Caravans 
(SY) South Yorkshire  
(VC) Venture Caravans   
(Wh kn) Wandahome Knottingley (WA) White Arches(Wh SC) Wandahome South Cave 
(WL)      Wayland  
(YC) Yorkshire Caravans(YCL) YC Leisure.